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A SQL DBA's Guide to CLR Integration
Author: Rob Farley Date Posted: 10/7/2005 1:08:30 PM
As mentioned last month (but only added to this list at short notice), we have Greg Low in town early next week. So on Monday night, he's going to be coming to speak to AdSSUG.

Greg Low is an international SQL Server celebrity. He is a Brisbane-based consultant who works for Readify, a SQL Server MVP, and is especially well known for his SQL Down Under podcasts.

"A SQL DBA's Guide to CLR Integration" - Hot from speaking on this topic at the PASS conference in Dallas, Greg will be speaking on CLR Integration. This will be include some of the best new features available in SQL2005 - things that DBAs need not be scared about, and things which DBAs should be excited about - things that Developers should be aware of, and things that Developers should be excited about.

Visitors welcome of course! Food from 5:30pm, meeting starts at 6pm. Plenty of time for questions too.

ADNUG Plug: Wed 12th Oct, Brendan Duffy – DotNetSolution – Effective C#
5.45pm at SA Innovation Centre, L2 Santos House

Venue: SA Innovation Centre, L2 Santos House | Duration 17:30-19:30 | On: Monday, October 10, 2005