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Introduction to SQL Server 2005 CLR Programming
Author: Greg Linwood Date Posted: 11/25/2005 8:41:41 AM
CLR (.NET Framework) integration into SQL 2005 is an exciting development for SQL Server Developers and DBAs alike. This month, local expert developer Greg Obleshchuk will discuss the new CLR features and show how to develop SQL Server Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions using .NET.

Because new features and functions can sometimes be daunting, Greg will start with the standard HellowWorld examples to introduce you to SQL Server 2005 CLR .NET programming. He will move on to discussing the security models for CLR and compare the differences between ODS Extended Procedures and .NET Development, including a speed test between the two.

Greg will also develop some real world examples (A system monitor, Reading the event log and SHA-256 hashing) to demonstrate some practical uses of CLR programming. He will also discuss security, Debugging and when to and when not to use .Net for development.

Greg Obleshchuk runs an ISV called A & G Software. Based in Melbourne A & G Software concentrates on developing tools and products for the Microsoft SQL Server market. A & G Software has several products including a PIVOT Extended Stored Procedure(AGS Crosstab Builder) for SQL 2000 and a Documentation product (AGS SQL Scribe) for SQL Server. Greg has been a developer for over 15 years and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Venue: Microsoft Theatre, Level 9, Como Office Tower, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC, 3141 | Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks for 6:00 start, approx 8:00 pm finish | On: Tuesday, December 20, 2005