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'Out of the box' performance improvements from a SQL Server 2005 upgrade
Author: Greg Linwood Date Posted: 5/9/2006 6:02:35 PM
Despite sexier features such as .Net CLR & native XML integration stealing most of the recent promotional limelight, a range of new performance improvement features have also been quietly added to SQL Server 2005. These features remain an un-heralded but strong rationale for upgrading existing SQL Server 2000 database systems to SQL Server 2005, especially given that many can be taken advantage of without any application-level changes. Very tastey indeed for DBAs who have to manage 3rd party vendor applications!

In this session, we'll look into SQL Server's performance improvement features that can be taken advantage of without any changes to the supported application, including:

* New Index Management Features
* Query Execution Plan Guides
* Stored Procedure Statement Level Compilation
* SQL Profiler Monitoring Improvements
* Improved memory addressability

Come along & learn how you can take advantage of these important new features to maximise database performance with SQL Server 2005

Greg Linwood is the Australian Director of "Solid Quality Learning" - the world's leading provider of SQL Server training and also Managing Director of "SQL Servants" - a dedicated Australian SQL Server infrastructure support business. Greg has worked in a range of developer & DBA capacities with SQL Server since 1993 and has received Microsoft’s SQL Server MVP award since 2003.

Venue: Microsoft Theatre, Level 9, Como Office Tower, 644 Chapel Street, South Yarra, VIC, 3141 | Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks for 6:00 start, approx 8:00 pm finish | On: Tuesday, May 16, 2006