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"Developing .Net applications" and Stored Procedures "Behind-the-scenes"
Author: Rowan Burke Date Posted: 11/10/2004 2:27:42 PM
Darryl Pollock will be presenting "Notes from the Field" - Lessons Learned in Building a Distributed .NET Application using SQL Server. Covering scaling, concurrency, DRI, SQL connections, ADO techniques, archiving and much more, followed by a demo and Q and A session.

Stored Procedures represent a great way of improving performance and controlling access to your databases. In the second session Victor Isakov (MCT, MCDBA, MCSE) will examine their benefits and have a closer look at what goes on "behind-the-scenes", enabling Developers and DBAs to maximise their performance (that's the stored procedures, not the Developers and DBAs). Victor will cover:

* Stored Procedure Architecture
* Hows Stored Procedures are Optimized
* Managing Performance of the Query Plans
* Undocumented Microsoft Stored Procedures

Venue: Sydney Clifton's Level 2, 190 George Street Sydney | Duration 5:30 pizza 6pm session 1 7pm session 2 till 8pm | On: Tuesday, 26 October 2004