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Walkthrough of the Unified Dimensional Model in Analysis Services (SQL Server2005)
Author: Jeremy Huppatz Date Posted: 29/11/2004 12:51:13 AM
Presentation Abstract
The Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) is the cornerstone in this release of Analysis Services. A UDM can be constructed over a relational source, providing a rich layer of meta data, to serve as the basis both for client access to the data, and for the services offered by Analysis Services. Learn how the UDM provides the best of traditional OLAP based reporting and relational reporting flexibility.

About Abhinav
Abhinav has worked with Databases and Datawarehouses for over 10 years. He is also Microsoft certified in Designing Databases and Designing Datawarehouses. He has worked on various large scale projects in USA, Canada and Australia. Currently, he works as Senior Software Engineer and also responsible for administering terabytes of data. Abhinav is an Expert in Microsoft Technologies, with a passion for SQL Server, Analysis Services, Reporting, Datamining and Dot Net.

Please remember to register at the website so we can finalise catering.

Next month (January 2005) we will be back to the second Thursday of the month so this won't sneak up on me as quickly. We haven't lined up anyone to speak yet, although I am currently preparing a talk on using the .NET CLR in SQL Server 2005 as a backup if we don't have any volunteers.

Venue: Adelaide - Microsoft Theatre, Level 2 Santos Building | Duration 2 hours (12:00 noon - 2:00 pm) | On: Thursday, 2 December 2004