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SQL Server 2000 Security
Author: Victor Isakov Date Posted: 12/01/2005 12:39:28 PM
In February Victor Isakov (MCT, MCSE, MCDBA) will focus on SQL Server 2000 Security, having a look at how SQL Server can be attacked and correspondingly defended.

Session 1:
This Session will focus on the security internals and workings of the RDBMS, examining issues such as passwords, encryption, extended stored procedures, auditing and relevant configuration parameters - the basics of SQL Server's security. Victor will also examine the hot topic of SQL Injection, what it is and how to protect against it.

Session 2:
After the break Victor will concentrate more on how to protect and audit your SQL Server installations. Victor will also discuss how organisations should create a SQL Server Security Policy or Post-Installation Check-List.

Victor Isakov ( has been involved with SQL Server since Version 4.21a, enjoying a reputation as one of the best "SQL Gurus" in Australia. He has been an MCT since 1995 and consulted for organisations like the University of NSW, DET (NSW), BT Fin. Group, Westpac and the UN. He specialises as a consultant in Architecting, Optimising and Troubleshooting Database Solutions.

This promises to be one meeting you cannot afford to miss!

Venue: Clifton & Associates (Level 2, 190 George Street, Sydney) | Duration Pizza - 5:30PM | Session 1 - 6:00PM | Session 2 - 7:00PM (Till 8PM) | On: Tuesday, 22 February 2005