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Using Azure Machine Learning (ML) to Predict Melbourne House Prices
Author: Darren Gosbell Date Posted: 9/8/2015 9:32:27 AM
House prices are a topic of conversation at many dinner tables. Why do people all around Australia focus so much time and energy on whether house prices will go up, or will go down? Have you ever wondered what factors actually drives house prices or wanted to predict a pricing outcome in advance?
Is the amount of crime a factor? What about number of schools? Or is it really possible that historical prices actually do drive future prices? Or perhaps it’s simply just as Real Estate Agents tell us — it’s all down to their “Extensive Market Experience“?
This interactive session first introduces the what, how, and why of predictive analytics and then provides an overview of using Azure Machine Learning (ML) to make predictions in the context of Melbourne house price and census data. The session further explores the use of Azure ML regression algorithms and other statistical techniques to build an Azure ML experiment. We will then use this experiment to discover which features influence Melbourne house prices the most and then build an Azure ML predictive Web Service based on those features.
In the process of learning about Azure ML regression, and with a bit of luck, we might even get a predictive model that works!

About the Presenter

Rolf has over 20 years IT experience with more than 18 years across all facets of SQL Server/Windows platforms, operating in both freelance consulting roles and within large multi-nationals, including Dimension Data, BHP Biliton, Honda and Australia Post.
Rolf’s SQL experience covers SQL architecture/design, business intelligence (BI), disaster recovery (DR), performance management, security and compliance, consolidation/strategy and virtualisation.
Rolf currently operates as the Dimension Data DB Services National Consulting Lead and is responsible for ensuring the provision of the highest standard of professional services projects and/or managed services solutions to our APAC database clients in sales, pre-sales, delivery and maintenance phases of all database engagements.

Venue: Microsoft Level 5, Building 4, Freshwater Place, Southbank , Melbourne, VIC | Duration Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks for 6:00 start, approx 7:45pm finish | On: Tuesday, September 15, 2015