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Reports on the Run: Mobile Reporting with SQL Server 2016
Author: Darren Gosbell Date Posted: 3/27/2017 1:06:09 PM
Based on the acquisition of Datazen, Reporting Services now includes a new engine enabling the delivery of mobile reports. In this presentation, you will learn about this new capability delivered with SQL Server 2016, including the architecture of the engine and the development of reports. This presentation will describe and demonstrate how to prepare data for mobile reporting, and also how to develop and publish mobile reports. In addition, it will describe the architecture of the engine, and how to manage mobile reports. This presentation will be of interest to a full range of professionals, including analysts, report developers, IT managers, and data architects.

About the Presenter
Peter Myers is a consultant, trainer and presenter, and has worked with Microsoft database and development products since 1997. Today he specializes in all Microsoft Business Intelligence products and also authors training course content for Microsoft products and services. He has a broad business background supported by a bachelor’s degree in applied economics and accounting, and he extends this with extensive experience backed by current MCSE certifications. He has been a Data Platform MVP since 2007.

Venue: Microsoft Melbourne Office (Level 5, Building 4, Freshwater Place, Southbank, Melbourne) | Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks and sharing ideas 6:00PM start 7:30PM finish (ish!) | On: Tuesday, April 18, 2017