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Full day seminar: Advanced T-SQL Programming in SQL Server 2000 and 2005
Author: Greg Linwood Date Posted: 7/05/2005 9:44:23 AM
* * * V e n u e - a n d - t i m e - c h a n g e * * *

N o w - f r e e - t o - m e m b e r s

If you're a developer or DBA who has developed some experience working with T-SQL for some time now by learning from the seat of your pants and want to upgrade your skills, this full-day seminar is for you.

In this seminar, Solid Quality Learning Mentor Itzik Ben-Gan tackles common problems you're probably dealing with in your day-to-day work and shows you how to deal with them using simplified, highly efficient, optimized solutions in both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. Learn how to think set-based and apply logic resulting in unique outside the box solutions.

The seminar also covers the important T-SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2005, showing how these can be used to optimize solutions to existing problems.

To register, visit the Solid Quality Learning website at:

Cost: AUS$300
SQL Server User Group members: F R E E


Understanding Query Logical Processing
.Query logical processing phases
.Controlling logical order of join processing
Query Tuning
.Set-based solutions
.Iterative solutions
.Tuning examples
Advanced Querying Techniques and applying them to Solve Common Problems
.Optimizing aggregate calculations
.Relational Division
.Auditing changes
.Using an auxiliary table of numbers
.Separating Elements
.Calculating row numbers
.Custom Sequences
.Other ranking and window functions
.Tie breakers
.Reverse logic
.Relational Division
.Grouping Ranges (existing and missing)
.Custom Aggregations
.Iterative solutions
.Path enumeration
.Nested sets
.Recursive queries
.Detecting cycles
.Sorting siblings
Exception Handling
New isolation levels
.Row versioning

Venue: ANZ Theatre, Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour | Duration 8:00am arrival. 8:30am start. 4:30pm finish | On: Wednesday, 1 June 2005