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Adelaide SSUG - WMI Scripting (200 level) for DB administration
Author: Jeremy Huppatz Date Posted: 7/06/2005 4:54:24 PM
As a follow-up to April's 100 level session on database related scripting technologies, Nathan Munt will be presenting to us on Thursday the 16th of June on WMI scripting for SQL Server infrastructure management - a topic of potential interest for systems DBAs and developers alike!

Nathan's presentation will cover the topics outlined below:
Brief Introduction to WMI:
* Architecture (topology)
* Where it fits into the windows world (incl. using base level CIM).
* Why it is beneficial/useful.
Introduction to WMI Scripting (200)
* Connection objects
* Interacting with WMI objects (mainly root\Cimv2)
* Connecting to networked systems (security, syntax, et al)
* Sample of scripting
Introduction to the System.Management class (200)
* Benefits of using the System.Management class (it's .NET!)
* Create a simple application in .NET (system information retrieval).

About Nathan:
Nathan has been a SQL Server DBA since 2000 and was an Infrastructure Analyst for eCommerce Systems from 1999-2001 (cross skilling in SQL administration for over a year). Nathan also has a programming background in Java (no, NOT javascript!) but has mainly been interested in scripting technologies (vbscript, perl and more recently php - ugh!). He has been writing database management applications (and web applications) in C# since 2003.

Note: This month's session is actually the third Thursday of the month, but we could get the venue and the second Thursday didn't give us as much lead time as we'd have liked. As always, register via the link on the front page of the site ( so we can confirm numbers for catering purposes.

Also - please note that ADNUG ( will be running their usual Wednesday night session on June the 8th.

Venue: Microsoft Innovation Centre, Adelaide (L2 97 King William St Adelaide) | Duration 12:00-2:00PM (2 hours) | On: Thursday, 16 June 2005