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Version 3 of BI Documenter has been released.
Author: David Lean Created: Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice tool for documenting your implentations of SSAS, SSRS & SSIS

Many have told me this tool is really handy. I know this is an advert, but worth a look. It is developed in Australia by some of our User Group members.

BI Documenter Version 3 includes support for the latest SQL Server technologies, including new SQL 2008 data types, Reporting Services running in Integrated Mode, as well as the improvements to Analysis Services and Integration Services. We have also upgraded our data engine to support x64 operating systems.

With BI Documenter Version 3 you can...

• Generate complete SQL documentation at the push of a button
• Document SQL Server, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Reporting Services in the same documentation set
• Capture metadata snapshots for historical analysis
• Output HTML Help (*.chm) or plain HTML
• Use either a graphical wizard or command line interface
• Document SQL Server 2008!
• Tell your own story using the built-in diagramming tool


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