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Scripting with Metadata in SQL 2000, and Upgrading to SQL 2005
Author: Rowan Burke Date Posted: 8/10/2005 1:16:44 PM
This month the SIG will be presented by Neil Jacobson in two parts:

Part 1 - Scripting with Metadata for Common Tasks
Putting Information_schema views and system tables to work.

Part 2 - Introduction to Upgrading a SQL 2000 Database System to a SQL 2005 system.
Basic differences e.g.



Security model,

Service Broker,


compatibility issues.

What needs to be redesigned. Leveraging new features in SQL 2005 to solve limitations on SQL 2000.

About the presenter:
Neil Jacobson has a degree in Electrical Engineering from QUT. He has been a full time SQL Server DBA for the last 7 years and has been using SQL for close to 10 years.

He is employed at Commander Communications Ltd, Australia's largest SQL Server 2000 site [source: Microsoft Australia/Wintercorp]. With 7 Terabytes of data to manage he has been an entrant in the Winter Corporation Top Ten program (an international survey of the largest database installations).

He is a participant in the SQL 2005 Beta program and has discussions with Microsoft occasionally regarding features and future directions of the SQL Server product.

Venue: Clifton & Associates (Level 2, 190 George Street, Sydney) | Duration Pizza - 5:30PM | Session 1 - 6:00PM | Session 2 - 7:00PM (Till 8PM) | On: Tuesday, August 23, 2005