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Scripting with Metadata in SQL 2000, and Upgrading to SQL 2005
Author: Rowan Burke Date Posted: 10/08/2005 1:16:44 PM
This month the SIG will be presented by Neil Jacobson in two parts:

Part 1 - Scripting with Metadata for Common Tasks
Putting Information_schema views and system tables to work.

Part 2 - Introduction to Upgrading a SQL 2000 Database System to a SQL 2005 system.
Basic differences e.g.



Security model,

Service Broker,


compatibility issues.

What needs to be redesigned. Leveraging new features in SQL 2005 to solve limitations on SQL 2000.

[u]About the presenter:[/u]
[b]Neil Jacobson[/b] has a degree in Electrical Engineering from QUT. He has been a full time SQL Server DBA for the last 7 years and has been using SQL for close to 10 years.

He is employed at Commander Communications Ltd, Australia's largest SQL Server 2000 site [source: Microsoft Australia/Wintercorp]. With 7 Terabytes of data to manage he has been an entrant in the Winter Corporation Top Ten program (an international survey of the largest database installations).

He is a participant in the SQL 2005 Beta program and has discussions with Microsoft occasionally regarding features and future directions of the SQL Server product.

Venue: Clifton & Associates (Level 2, 190 George Street, Sydney) | Duration Pizza - 5:30PM | Session 1 - 6:00PM | Session 2 - 7:00PM (Till 8PM) | On: Tuesday, 23 August 2005