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SQL Server High Availability: Database Mirroring - Perth
Author: Brian H. Madsen Date Posted: 4/18/2006 4:28:59 PM
It's April and we're ready for another presentation. Again we're centering our attention to one of the many new capabilities of SQL Server 2005.

This time we will look at Database Mirroring - a topic which in many cases gets neglected because of either cost or understanding the processes required to configure it. SQL Server 2005 makes this process much easier than earlier versions.

Find the details for the event below:

Title: SQL Server High Availability: Database Mirroring.
Presenter: Sam Pride, .Net Developer
Venue: 2nd of May, 255 St Georges Tce, QV1, Level 14 Microsoft Offices
Time: 5:00pm to 6:30pm

About the presenter:
Sam Pride is a developer at Amcom, an early adopter of SQL Server 2005. With experience in a range of popular RDBMS’ as well as Object Oriented Databases, Microsoft SQL Server and.Net are his preferred development tools. Sam has a passion for databases and has been avidly following SQL Server 2005 since its beta stage. As well as a Software Engineering degree, Sam is currently studying for his MCPD certification.

A new feature for review in SQL Server 2005 is Database Mirroring. Database mirroring increases availability of your database by directing transaction log records directly to a standby server, allowing you to quickly fail over to the standby server with no loss of committed data. SQL Server database mirroring requires no proprietary hardware and works with the software and tools already installed.

Sam will provide a technical presentation on database mirroring and will demonstrate the configuration and use of database mirroring using SQL Server 2005.

I hope to see as large a turnout as last month where we had Greg Linwood over from the East Coast to teach us about performance tuning.

Remember to register online to ensure that you are eligible for the prize for this month. I'll keep the prize a secret for the time being and surprise you at the event itself.

Any queries please direct them to

NOTE: Due to a double-booking on my part, the event will have to be moved to Tuesday, 2nd of May. Same place.

Venue: 2nd of May, 255 St Georges Tce, QV1, Level 14 Microsoft Offices | Duration 1 - 1 1/2hr | On: Tuesday, May 2, 2006