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Design and implementation best practices for Large Scale DW systems in SQL Server 2005
Author: Rob Farley Date Posted: 11/8/2006 11:26:39 AM
 - Overview of SQL Server 2005 Data Warehouse Enhancements
   - SQL Server Relational DBMS
   - Table and index partitioning
   - Online index maintenance
   - Piecemeal backup & restore
   - TSQL Analytics -- Pivot, Unpivot, Rank
   - NUMA awareness and scalability
   - x64 support
   - Shared Scalable Database
   - Read Committed Snapshot Isolation
   - SQL Server Reporting Services
   - Enterprise reporting against RDBMS and AS
   - End-user query tool – Report Builder
 - The Relational Data Warehouse
   - Data Warehouse Design
- Data Loading, Deleting, Backup
   - Hardware and Storage
 - SQL Server Integration Services
 - Analysis Services

Nicholas Dritsas is a Program Manager with the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team
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Venue: Canberra Microsoft Office, Level 2, 44 Sydney Avenue, BARTON, ACT | Duration 5:30pm to 7pm-ish | On: Tuesday, November 14, 2006