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SQL Server Data Profiling
Author: Jason Cook Date Posted: 8/26/2008 11:46:44 AM
This session will be covering some techniques to address common data quality issues. We will be taking a quick look at some of the tools that come with SQL2008 to help this all happen, as well as covering some of the basics on how to complete data profiling, matching, de-duplication, and data survivorship.

About the Presenter
Dean Sutcliffe is a consultant with over fifteen years of practical experience in data warehouseing, business intelligence and data quality projects. He has extensive experience working with tier one and two clients on a variety of projects, with projects ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars.

Dean holds a MCP from the early 90’s and started development of businesses solutions with MS SQL ver 4.X

For six years, Dean worked with one of the largest database marketing and data service companies in Australia. In his role of technology manager, he oversaw the deign and implementation of many complex databases. A core part of this business was to provide data cleansing and matching services.

Venue: TMD - 2 Salamanca Square, Hobart | Duration 2-2.5 hours commencing at 12:30 pm | On: Tuesday, October 28, 2008