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Christmas Party + Tips + Building Scalable Database Solutions (Victor Isakov)
Author: Grant Paisley Date Posted: 11/8/2008 3:46:01 PM
First up some tips from the trenches..

Just to be clear, we really like your tips in ALL areas of the product. Have you solved a perf problem in your organisation? Do you use scripts that seem to be pretty nifty to you? Any management tips or pitfalls you can help others avoid? A great way to use a database in your web or application code. A favourite web site, textbook or knowledge source.

Maybe they only take 2 mins to say, we'd love to have your contribution. If you are not comfortable getting on stage, forward them to us & we'll include them in the PPT.

Also David Lean (Microsoft) is going to put together a list of worst practises called "You may be part of the problem if ...". He'll outline some of the things he's seen in production, & perhaps why it is not the best idea. We'd like you to contribute yours.

The intent is that others, may find their habits on the list & think "What? I always start my stored procedure names with "sp_" & use (WITH NOLOCK) in my queries"

Second half of evening, hot of presenting to a packed audience in PASS Seattle last month, Victor Isakov presents:

Building Scalable Database Solutions: Combining Table Partitioning with Partitioned Views

Level 200

Should you take advantage of table partitioning? Or should you implement partitioned views? Both have their pros and cons... Why not take advantage of both? In this session Victor Isakov explorers why and how you could take advantage of both features to implement an optimal, scalable database solution. Victor will demonstrate a number of different proof-of-concept architectures and a case study that highlights how you can combine partitioned views with table partitioning.


Venue: Mechanics' School of Arts, Level 1, 280 Pitt St, Sydney | Duration 5:30pm Share Ideas, Network with your Peers (with Pizza & Drinks) for 6pm Session ends 8pm | On: Tuesday, December 9, 2008