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Simplifying SQL Server Performance Tuning + boosting perf with Solid State Drives (Greg Linwood)
Author: Rob Farley Date Posted: 11/18/2008 7:28:48 PM
Simplifying SQL Server Performance Tuning
Your SQL Server system is buckling under heavy load... Customers & users are calling in with complaints and the CIO is leaning on you for a quick solution. Where do you start? There are many opinions on how to go about tuning SQL Server systems & Googling will yield a raft of different opinions from a flock of online experts. Some advise to start looking at indexes, re-writing queries or analysing execution Plans whilst others profess investigating DMVs, Waitstats, Profiler, Perfmon, MOM, Memory Management, Disk Fragmentation.

All of these techniques, tools & skills play an important role in performance tuning SQL Server but understanding the relationships between them is crucial for knowing where to start and become effective at performance tuning. In this session, SQL Server MVP & performance tuning specialist Greg Linwood discusses the relevance of each whilst drawing the bigger picture together to help you streamline your own performance tuning techniques.

Boosting performance with Solid State Drives
Solid State Drives (SSDs) have recently burst onto the market as a bold new successor to the age old Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). We will also preview SSD technology, discussing they can help you maximise SQL Server performance, covering detailed discussion of what types of IO SQL Server generates that can be improved by SSDs (and which types cannot) whilst also minimising any risks associated with using this new technology.

About the presenter
Greg Linwood is the Managing Director of MyDBA - a dedicated SQL Server support business and also Australian Director of SQLskills - a specialist provider of SQL Server training. Greg has worked in a range of developer & DBA capacities with SQL Server since 1993 and was the first Australian to receive Microsoft's SQL Server MVP award in 2003. He has gained significant expertise in SQL Server tuning and most of his professional time is currently spent tuning customer SQL Server systems. Greg is passionate about building high quality SQL Server community events in Australia and is one of the founders of the Australian SQL Server User Group, leading the Melbourne SQL Server User Group.

Venue: SA Innovation Centre, L2 Westpac House | Duration 12:00-14:00 | On: Tuesday, November 25, 2008