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SQL Server 2008 Manageability Features - Peter Ward
Author: Jason Cook Date Posted: 4/17/2009 1:54:20 PM
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 introduces a number of new features for managing SQL Server including Policy Based Management, Management Data Warehouse and Extended Events. These new management features have been designed to assist with diagnosing and resolving common performance issues. This session demonstrates how to troubleshoot various scenarios using the new management tools within SQL Server 2008. It demonstrates how to use the tools to assist with the management of multiple instances, how to monitor the performance of your severs over time and provide a greater insight into SQL Server.

About the Presenter
Peter Ward is WARDY IT Solutions Chief Technical Architect. Peter is an active member in the Australian SQL Server community and President of the Queensland SQL Server User Group. Peter is a highly regarded speaker at SQL Server events throughout Australia and is a sought after SQL Server consultant and trainer, providing solutions for some of the largest SQL Server sites in Australia. Peter also writes the editorial for the daily SQL-Server-Performance.com newsletter. In the last year Peter was selected as a speaker for Tech•Ed North America, Tech•Ed Australia and as a Spotlight speaker for the SQL Pass Community Summit, the largest SQL Server event in the world. Peter has been awarded as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for his technical excellence and commitment to the SQL Server Community.

Venue: TASSAL Board Room (Just below TMD), 2 Salamanca Square | Duration 2 hours - 12:30 to 2:30 | On: Tuesday, April 28, 2009