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Performance Tuning VLDB / SQL Server 2005 VLDB features
Author: David Lean Date Posted: 7/01/2005 12:29:34 PM
This event is on (4th Tues of each month)
Topics are still being finalized.

1st Half: Performance Tuning VLDB Environments
In this session Victor Isakov (MCT, MCSE, MCDBA) will examine how to tune VLDB environments where databases are measured in the 100s of GBs. SQL Server 2000 offers a number of features such as Partitioned Views and Indexed Views specifically designed for these environments. Victor will discuss various strategies of re-designing your databases and their impact on existing applications. As part of his discussion he will present a case study of a 200+ GB "real-time" database system, how he re-designed and tuned this environment and how the technology actually worked in the field.

2nd Half: SQL Server 2005 VLDB features
We are going to discuss some of the administation and performance features of SQL Server 2005 that will impact VLDBs (Very Large DataBases). Rowan Burke will discuss some of the new features such as data partitioning, online indexing, online database restores that have been designed to increase availability and performance in the new version of SQL Server.

Venue: Sydney Clifton's Level 2, 190 George Street Sydney | Duration 5:30 pizza, 6pm 1st session, 7pm 2nd session, finish 8pm | On: Tuesday, 25 January 2005