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"Yes, we are all individuals." - a look at uniqueness in the SQL world (Rob Farley)
Author: Rob Farley Date Posted: 3/20/2011 6:54:52 AM
You sit there in the evenings, alone, wondering why you’re not the same as everyone else. Conformity just isn’t the same any more. Then you realise: By being unique, understanding uniqueness, and declaring yourself to be unique, you empower database developers who need to have you returned by queries from their database. After all, you’re not some broken record – you’re part of a SQL Server table.

This talk will cover the effect that uniqueness can have on queries, and show real examples of how the Query Optimizer can leverage metadata to improve performance. This talk will include a look at database design, dimension design, and even how Denali’s columnstore indexes can also impact the situation.

Rob Farley is LobsterPot Solutions' principal consultant and has over ten years experience working in consultancies around the world, establishing himself as an expert in databases.

He runs the Adelaide SQL Server User Group, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award for SQL Server. He has written courseware privately and on behalf of Microsoft, and helped create several Microsoft certification exams.

He writes a blog at

Venue: L2 Westpac House (91 King William St, cnr Currie St) | Duration 12:00-14:00 | On: Tuesday, March 29, 2011