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Melbourne SQL Server Social #1
Author: Darren Gosbell Date Posted: 5/19/2011 12:20:36 AM
SQL Server Social is a new event for the Melbourne SQL Server Community. Organised by Luke Hayler and Jim McLeod, this event will be held on the last Thursday of each month.

The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for database professionals to network, share ideas and experiences, have a beer or two, have some fun and make some new friends. We will be keeping the format simple; topics will be suggested (prior to the event) will be used to initiate discussions. You are also welcome to talk about problems that you are facing (in your database-related life...) or indeed any solutions that you may have and want to share. We will also have a challenge of some sort; a quiz/trivia, t-sql challenge, crossword, etc - the challenge will be optional, so don't feel put off by this!

The first event is next Thursday (26th may 2011) starting at 5:15pm, and will be held at Number Five, Southbank, Melbourne.
You can register for the event using

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to contact either Luke (, or Jim (,

Luke has also written a blog post about the event -

It promises to be a great event, so if you are in Melbourne, get registered! - there are a limited number of spots available so you'll need to be quick.

Venue: Number Five, Southbank, Melbourne | Duration Starting at 5:15 | On: Thursday, May 26, 2011