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Using SQL Server to Rescue Puffed Out Microsoft Access Applications (Ned Noel)
Author: Shaun Baggett Date Posted: 2/29/2012 6:10:17 PM
"Few (we estimate less than 2 percent) Access databases need to migrate every year, yet some organizations want to ban Access completely. This is often because IT professionals are included when an Access application is breaking down. They fail to recognize the ability of Access to solve 98 percent of database situations that never require their involvement. When an Access application is created initially, the features needed in the future cannot be anticipated, nor can the budget be justified. It's a case of database evolution, and now it's time to evolve from Access and the Jet database engine. You have many ways to migrate an Access application without losing the existing investment, and an organization that manages this well attains a significant competitive advantage." -- From the executive summary of the Microsoft paper "Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server: What's Right in Your Organisation?", SQL Server Technical Article, by Luke Chung. Technical Reviewer Matt Num, Published: December 2004, revised July 2006

The March 6 Meeting will look at this now 7 year old paper, will present a local plumbing company's experience moving from Access to SQL Server, and will welcome comments from attending Canberra SQL Server User Group members about their experiences in this area.

Please arrive for the meeting before 17:00 as the Microsoft Offices doors automatically lock at that time.

Speaker Biography
Ned Noel is a Canberra freelance programmer. Most of his work in the past dozen or so years has been with customers wanting small (1, 2, or occasionally up to 10 users) application software to assist with work tasks.

Please register at

Venue: | Duration 16:30 to 18:30 | On: Tuesday, March 6, 2012