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Practicalities of Performance Tuning
Author: Darren Gosbell Date Posted: 9/24/2012 9:24:10 AM
Performance Tuning SQL Server sometimes requires expert specilist skills, but significant results can also accomplished with a few simple steps that can be learned and applied by system administrators and developers of virtually any skill level.

In this presentation, optimisation specialist Greg Linwood describes ten powerful but relatively simple techniques which can be applied by non specialists to accomplish significant performance optimisations.

A Question & Answer session will be held at the end of this presentation. If you have a specific question you would like to submit in advance, please forward directly to GregL@MyDBA.com at least 2 days before the meeting & Greg will either answer directly via email or pick questions of most interest to a wide audience for discussion at the end of the presentation.

About Greg Linwood
Greg Linwood is an internationally recognised SQL Server performance tuning expert and Managing Director of MyDBA - a SQL Server support & consulting business. Greg has developer & DBA experience with SQL Server since 1993 and was the first Australian to receive Microsoft's SQL Server "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) award in 2003. Greg is a founder of the Australian SQL Server User Group, founding the Melbourne SQL Server User Group in 2003.

Venue: Microsoft Level 5, Building 4, Freshwater Place, Southbank , Melbourne, VIC | Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks for 6:00 start, approx 7:45pm finish | On: Tuesday, October 16, 2012