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Performance tuning methodology - SQL Server 2000 / 2005
Author: Mary Bray Date Posted: 15/02/2005 2:57:30 PM
Level: 300-400

Poorly performing database systems present frustrating problems which DBAs & developers are often placed under pressure to solve as quickly as possible. Although a significant amount of literature has been published about how to solve individual performance problems or how to interpret specific performance counters there is little information available that "joins-the-dots" to lead DBAs & developers through the myriad of techniques & tools available for performance tuning SQL Server.

In this session Greg Linwood steps through a database performance tuning methodology, describing how to use the available SQL Server toolset & commands to quickly and effectively identify, analyse and resolve performance problems.

Practical techniques will be demonstrated, including:
* How to make effective, holistic observations of the entire database system
* How to create effective SQL Profiler traces
* How to choose which Perfmon counters to monitor
* Reading & Interpreting execution plans
* Using documented (& undocumented) system commands & views
* How to benchmark performance information with constant monitoring techniques

Improvements in SQL Server 2005's performance tuning toolset will also be covered.

This session focuses on locating and solving performance problems in database systems which are already deployed, but is also invaluable to developers who wish to design more efficient database systems. The session will wrap up with a Q&A session with the presenter.

Greg Linwood has worked with SQL Server since 1993 and received Microsoft’s SQL Server MVP award in 2003. Greg is the Managing Director of SQL Servants - a dedicated Australian SQL Server infrastructure support business and has worked in a range of developer & DBA capacities throughout his career. Greg has gained significant expertise in SQL Server tuning & optimisation techniques and is passionate about building high quality SQL Server community events in Australia. Greg is a founder of the Australian SQL Server User Group and lives in Melbourne.

Venue: Canberra | Duration 5PM-7:30PM | On: Tuesday, 8 March 2005