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Taking Microsoft SQL Server into the World of Spatial Data Management
Author: Darren Gosbell Date Posted: 11/15/2012 12:03:10 PM
** Note this is a pre-recorded session from US TechEd 2012

Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure are providing extensive support for two-dimensional spatial data processing. This presentation provides a short introduction to the world of spatial data processing. It talks about use cases and how spatial technology in SQL Server helps solve the common spatial questions such as, "Where are the nearest restaurants?" It discusses the difference between planar and geodetic spatial data and requirements. Finally, it presents the new spatial capabilities introduced in SQL Server 2012 and talks about how to utilize spatial indices to provide performing spatial queries.

About the Speaker
Michael Rys is Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server RDBMS team. He is responsible for the Beyond Relational Data and Services scenario that includes unstructured and semi-structured data management, search, Spatial, XML and others. He has been program manager for the XML features in SQL Server 2000 to 2008 such as FOR XML, the XML data type and XQuery and for Spatial Indexing in SQL Server 2008. He also represents Microsoft Corp. in the W3C XML Query working group and the ANSI SQL standardization effort. He joined Microsoft in 1998 after performing research in the areas of object-oriented and semi-structured databases, multi-level transaction management, and distributed heterogeneous information integration at Stanford University (as post-doc) and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich where he earned his Ph.D. Michael is a senior member of ACM and a member of IEEE and has given many presentations and contributed to several books on XQuery and XML and databases. His weblog can be found at and can be followed at @SQLServerMike (when he finds time to tweet).

Venue: Microsoft Level 5, Building 4, Freshwater Place, Southbank , Melbourne, VIC | Duration 5:30PM pizzas & drinks for 6:00 start, approx 7:45pm finish | On: Tuesday, November 20, 2012