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SQL & Geo Fence Table / Zone Creation
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 04:09 PM

I am building a GPS tracking server and i am wanting to be able to great circular geo fences based using long / lat and radius.

The hard part is finding house to update a geofence colum of geography colum type with the correct values that represent a geo fence given the long / lat and radius values my users are able to supply

My second challenge is then being able to validate any given set of long / lat against the geofences that are present in the geofence table to allow me to then determine if the long / lat being valdated is inside / outside of any of the geofences listed in the geofence table

Please note that my application is being developed in cold fusion hence the cold fusion pages will be used to process the data to then insert into / update edit the sql geofence table

Looking forward to any adivse in regards the the above

p.s. today is the first time i have joined this forum, hopefully the responses will be very informative

thanks in advance for your tips and suggestions re the above
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