Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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smoking is not easily given to a companion
Posted: 06 Jul 2018 06:15 PM
Until December 1960, he transferred to Shanghai Shanghai Cigarette Factory cigarette factory. Since then, it has been produced by the Shanghai Zhonghua cigarette factory so far. Historically, when [url=http://www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Buy Newports Online[/url] the Chinese market monopoly of foreign cigarettes, "Zhonghua" brand really recapture the tobacco market for the Chinese people to [url=http://www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Newport 100S Price[/url] play an active role. Chinese government and enterprises with Chinese cigarettes to entertain foreign guests and visitors, and indeed played a role to promote [url=http://www.usasmokingsale.com]Carton Of Newports Price[/url] the new Chinese economic success. Passage of time, smoking damages the health of smokers themselves and others, has become the consensus of the people on earth. At this time still with "Chinese" as a trademark of exporting cigarettes, it is very inappropriate.
Related tobacco companies should be updated to export brand marketing opportunities, at the height of the image of the country and the nation consider [url=http://www.usasmokingsale.com]Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes[/url] selecting a new alternative name. This not only does not mind the loss of brand value, but will win all ethnic compatriots and overseas Chinese appreciation, which is tobacco prices assume social responsibility performance.
Furthermore, the national call to quit, titillating trademark must [url=http://www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Online Cigarettes[/url] first withdrawal in the ideological field, "China" and other trademark cigarettes make people mistakenly think that on behalf of the party and the government to the international community to recommend a public health hazard of tobacco products, regardless from human health care, or from the maintenance of the party and the country's image or to maintain the dignity of law to consider revocation of "China", "Nanjing", "Zhongnanhai" and other cigarette trademarks is necessary.
1, the next cigarette culture, quitting is difficult.
China has a unique culture of cigarettes, cigarettes are people accustomed to Chinese etiquette, when strangers cotton, tobacco is divided equally with courtesy lubricant. Acquaintances together, when smoking is not easily given to a companion, then the number of ill and polite too. Smoking, Qinan?

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