Friday, December 14, 2018
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 Author Thread: Trump's Biggest Lie Most Liberals Believe
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Trump's Biggest Lie Most Liberals Believe
Posted: 15 Aug 2018 01:21 PM
Once you hit your mid-twenties, everything starts beginning to suck. Your favorite band? Not as good as when they first came out. Favorite hangouts? All gone to sh*t since all the young people started showing up and ruining everything. The world? Basically a day away from total anarchy.

Even the idea of time begins to suck. The present is somehow always the worst and no matter how bad your life was 5, 10 years ago- it all seems tinted with rose-colored glasses [url=]Carton Of Cigarettes Price[/url]. It's just you don't hear about them because the headline "Cancer Deaths Slowly and Steadily Dropping" isn't as flashy as "IT'S ALL BURNING DOWN MAN, DON'T EVEN BOTHER!"

On the podcast this week [url=]Marlboro Cigarette Types[/url], Jack O'Brien is joined by Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) to talk about how we're neither going to h*ll nor are we in a hand basket [url=]Brands Of Cigarettes[/url]. Poverty, war and disease are at all time lows, all you have to do is look away from the news to see it.

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