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All Up BI Demo v7.1 now available to everyone. Not just MS staff & gold partners.
Author: David Lean Created: Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fantastic resource for demo & learning me BI Platform; from SQL (AS, IS, RS), Sharepoint dashboards

For many years Microsoft Staff have created an "Internal Only" BI Demo platform. After much debate we've decided to make it available to everyone.
It has all the s/w, demo scripts, webcasts & other resources to help you understand the MS BI Platform & to assist you to demo it, extend & explore it. There are now many vertical scenarios (Data & demos) that will help you make it relevant to your industry.

It includes the platform stack (SQL Analysis, Intergration & Reporting Services. The Presentation layer bits; Sharepoint Dashboards, Excel Services, Performance Point. The Client pieces, Excel, Proclarity & Excel Data Mining Add-ins.

This is a big download ~4GB. It is a bigish VPC (17GB), I'd recommend you have at least 2GB RAM that you can give it. (ie: machine with 3GB or more). TO run this you will need either: MS Virtual PC (free download from MS web site) or MS Virtual Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V

Note: It is timebombed. See the readme file, I think it is end of 2009. VPC R7.1.part01.exe VPC R7.1.part02.rar VPC R7.1.part03.rar VPC R7.1.part04.rar VPC R7.1.part05.rar VPC R7.1.part06.rar VPC R7.1.part07.rar