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MS Virtual Tech Days Developers 2009 - Defy All Challenges.Together. 24-Hour Virtual Event Call for Content
Author: David Lean Created: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you'd like to present a session to 50,000 people WW. Apply now.

Call for Content
Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with your peers around the world?

We are looking for passionate speakers to submit topics that developers would be interested in learning about.

This is an open call for sessions so please feel free to refer other industry experts to this site.

Please note that if you submit a session for consideration, this does not guarantee that your session will be accepted for this event.

The Event
For the first time ever, we are joining the entire world-wide developer community together online for one continuous 24 hour period of learning and connecting using the “Defy All Challenges.Together.” Developer Tools campaign. This free event will begin at 8am in APAC and conclude 24 hours later in the Americas.
Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Absolutely. Can we do it? You bet!

The Goals
REACH - 50,000 developers in live viewings (thousands more on-demand)
IMPROVE - technology proficiency (for any technology)
CREATE - community speaking experience and exposure for other MSFT events (building influencers for scale)
INSPIRE - celebration for the impact that developers have on the World through their work and individual contributions (we love ‘em..)

The Experience
Through the TechDays online event portal, registered attendees will participate through Live Meeting or recorded on-demand sessions for more than 90 sessions. Topics will be on any technology within 5 tracks: interoperability, developer tools & practices, client & mobile development, or web development.