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ASP page for checking Scheduled Job failures
Author: Phillip Carter Created: Monday, November 8, 2004

This page is basically the same as the one for checking database connectivity. The big difference is that it calls a stored procedure to check for Scheduled job failures.

As with the database connectivity page the query string for the URL should contain two parameters. These are the Server and database name where the stored procedure is located. There is also an optional third parameter which the stored procedure accepts. This is the number of minutes for the failure window. The default value for the third parameter is 10 minutes, which will check for any failures within the last ten minutes.

To use, extract the files in the zip to a directory on a machine running IIS.
Connect to the SQL Server you want to check and run the Stored Procedure Creation script.
Alter database connection string in global.asa to have the appropriate username and password to connect to your SQL Server.
Create a virtual directory on IIS pointing to the directory containing the extracted files.
Open web browser and enter URL with appropriate parameters.

Example Syntax:

As always, any questions or comments are welcome.

Categories: SQL Server Stuff

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